Monday, September 6, 2010

The Total Filmmaker Theory

That's me while filming The Screening, Brooklyn, NY 2009, photo by Reid Gershbein

[i n t r o - I'm using the term theory in a very loose sense here (a fully developed theory would require me to write a lot more, but the goal is to use the energies towards doing it/making the movies & getting them out :), it is more like a feeling or seeing that the following may be possible (and it will be tried out in the coming days & weeks & months to see if it is in fact possible for me to do, in a significant scale; we'll define "significant scale" later - perhaps that will have to do with how widely distributed & well made the films will be, anyway, on to the theory...).]

The Total Filmmaker Theory

Interesting, entertaining (at least for some), creative feature length films can be made & distributed by a crew of one (a total filmmaker) or a small crew (less than five people). Feature length films can be made for $0 - $1000 & in a manner similar to the writing of a book or the creation of a painting (by one artist primarily, a total filmmaker).

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